Thursday 19th January

Take 2…

Lots of people advertise a wide multitude of things in our window.

I will let you know about the obscure ones. Today we had a young lady starting out with her new business which begs the question ‘ Holiday in Devon and bring your horse with you’… much luggage would you need? 

Have a look if you are interested .

What about the cricket?  England didn’t lose by an innings but nearly as bad.

We did have a discussion in the shop on the merits of Somerset signing Chris Gayle for the T20…we agreed that it is a waste of money and that Somerset should let the youngsters show what they can do.

Oh no, the council are changing the recycling days starting tomorrow! We only got the info today so no doubt Bampton will be awash with empty bottles, newspapers and cans over the weekend as it moves from Friday to Monday.

BBC was outside this morning filming at the Butchers and the Toucan for a report on how the Bampton Business Group is working. 

Look out for it on BBC Spotlight next week sometime.

Rodger Farrant came in spoke about the Point to Point at Milverton on Sunday. As steward he will have to stand down for the two races with his sons (Ashley) runners.  I did not realise the whip rules also applied to Point to Point as well – how can they monitor with no cameras?

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