Friday 20th January

One of the pleasures of the job is seeing friendly faces, not only those coming into the shop, but also those passing by the shop. Friday mornings I get a wave from the passengers on the ‘Ring & Ride’ bus as it passes by on the way to Tiverton.

Locals often pop in a chat. Earlier in the week the door opened and a customer asked if my wife was available as she wanted to show off something purchased in the shop.

I took a photo of the well dressed dog on a chilly morning……see the Posh Dog photo on the blog.

The snood was knitted by my wife as requested by the customer when she had been viewing the knitted baby hats and bootees that we sell.

Local football to watch tomorrow, Tiverton at home to Gosport, both teams in reasonable form so should be good. The club doctor came in today for a chat and a couple of other customers came in to discuss tomorrow’s chances.

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One Response to Friday 20th January

  1. Just found your blog ,Very good & true to life,When i hear Bampton It reminds me of Bill Tingle who had a butchers there in the 70,s, He was a Bridgwater man like me,(EX Dewhurst) also the story my father used to tell,When he came home on leave during the war he always went to the fair & drank in the Tiverton Hotel,Well the traveller women had to much drink & were fighting,
    The police came & knocked them on the head with their truncheons & dragged them out by their hair, I believe it to be true as a similar story in Taunton when the MP,s from Musgrove hospital were called to town when the different ethnic soldiers were fighting each other.

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