Saturday 21st January

Early start this morning as the phone rang. Initial thoughts that it might be a flood warning were close to the mark as daughter had phoned to say her waters had broken. No great panic although my other half did actually get up before me for a change.

Now early afternoon and nothing has appeared yet.

A lady (older) came into the shop and asked ‘Where can I get a whistle in Bampton?’ I suggested she hitched up her skirt and went out on the street as that might get her a whistle or two. 

Little did I know that when I taxed her car, she was a Reverend!

A customer who remains nameless (but Jo you know who you are) brought back an alarm clock saying it wasn’t working. 

So how come the alarm went off at eleven o’clock??

The majority of the exercise I get is trying to find customers who have left things behind in the shop. By the time I’ve been to the butchers, fruit & veg, costcutters and the bakers I’m shattered.

This morning someone left their mobile phone behind, however, my searching outside was fruitless as she had driven away. It only rang a few times before I put it in the drawer to deafen the noise!

I knew that it belonged to somebody in Tiverton so after an hour and it had not been collected, I had to start the detective work. Once I had deciphered how to use a 20th century mobile (!) – It had buttons and a joystick thing – managed to phone ‘Home’ and leave a message. 

5 minutes before we closed the owner turned up to collect it, apologising for the age of the phone.

My other half has gone off to the hospital now to hold a hand so I’m relegated to the bus to get to the football today. Maybe something interesting will happen on the bus ride.

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2 Responses to Saturday 21st January

  1. Steve says:

    So did anything interesting happen on the bus to Tivvy?
    I’m waiting with baited breath!!!

  2. bamptonpo says:

    I got to ring the bell when I wanted to get off

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