Monday 23rd January


A bit late blogging today, as its tomorrow!

Because we ‘live above the shop’ we can entertain our friends even on a school night, hence a late night.

Reuben James Nielsen Avis 7lb 14oz arrived on Saturday and complicated our weekend so Sunday roast happened tonight instead and we needed help to eat it (and wash it down).

On announcing the arrival to one our first customers this morning, and as it was the first grandchild, my wife got a smacker from a man of the cloth (retired but active).

 A regular came in and spotted someone who he had not seen for ages. He said to her “it’s nice to see an old face”. As she did not hear I told her he said “it’s nice to see your old face”….she didn’t seem happy for some reason.

More lost property today, a wallet, so I set off to find him, Costcutters – no, Bakers – no, but guess what, I bought a doughnut and an iced danish so I gained more calories than I lost on my daily exercise.

Another regular came in, not to buy anything, but to get my advice. “How much tip should I pay for my meal at the Quarryman’s? Somehow she managed to have no money to pay at the time and had taken the bill to pay later. This sort of thing happens in a place like Bampton where we know each other and trust each other. We did some negotiating for a few minute before the final figure was arrived at and the cheque written. Hope it was okay Donna?

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