Tuesday 24th January


Sparky came in to see us today.

Sparky, the tortoise is over 100 years old and his owner likes to bring him in to check that his weight is okay.

Good news for Post Offices today is that a 10 year agreement has been reached between Post office and Royal Mail.

The agreement ensures that Royal Mail products will continue to be available at every post office throughout the country for the long term. 

As I mentioned last Thursday, BBC spotlight were filming in Bampton.

It is planned to show the program tomorrow at 6:30pm.

It is surprising what customers tell you, for example today, a customer came in to they were ‘going on a journey’.

After further discussion, she explained that her and her husband were going to Minehead for the day and were going by bus to use their free bus passes for the first time.

The reason why – a catch on her bra had broken and had to be taken back to the shop for repair!

I would guess this is no ordinary shop to warrant a trip for a repair so maybe it’s this one I googled – http://www.knickerbockerglorylingerie.co.uk/About-us.html

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One Response to Tuesday 24th January

  1. devonfinefibres says:

    This could only be England! The bizarre and strange is accepted as totally normal providing it doesnt frighten the horses!

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