Wednesday 25th January



A single daffodil in bloom in the flower box outside the Post Office and it’s still January.

I told you last week that I was squeamish.

I had just got over the request for a plaster to cover a bleeding finger (nicked with a stanley knife while taking down the Christmas trees), then only a few minutes later a customer started talking about the metal plates and rods in her leg and ankle when she dislocated it…..too much information.

An update on the bus trip to Minehead (Bus Pass/Bra/ remember).

The customer came in to tell us it was a great day out. Not only was the free bus pass used but in Minehead they found a restaurant doing a senior citizens lunch for £3:50.

The down side of a senior’s lunch being that some take an age to eat a bowl of soup. In fact the question was posed that as some o a p’s take such a long time, how can you check they are still alive? The response was that someone did actually expire during lunch before Christmas although everyone else carried on with their lunch regardless!

Two customers came in today to renew their TV Licences. We were stopped by the BBC from doing this about 4 years ago so where did they relicense in the meantime?

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