Thursday 26th January


Box Office is open.

We act as Box Office for the majority of events in Bampton. We are currently selling tickets for the Bampton Players Pantomime- this year CINDERELLA.

The panto is well supported by the locals and the Bampton Players  are always looking for new recruits. Budding actors welcome and also helpers to put on productions.

Did you manage to watch BBC Spotlight last night with a great report on Bampton  by Andrea Ormsby?

I was going to put the link to the BBC iplayer in for you to watch it but the programme appears to only be available for 24 hours!

Chatting with a customer this morning about our commute to work – downstairs! – We spoke about travelling on trains, buses and tubes. Out came a story of how the customer used to work at the Parker pen showrooms in the Strand, London. Downstairs were several engineers who repaired pens including the rich and famous (and even Her Majesty).

Later in the day a customer brought in a letter from Devonshire Homes. The letter invites the recipients to a discussion about the planned building of 50 new homes at the north end of the town.

This set off a debate between several customers that live in the vicinity. Who knows what is planned?

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One Response to Thursday 26th January

  1. Julia Mayer says:

    Have only just found you on tinternet… life on the other side of the street brings a smile to my face! back to the kitchen …

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