Friday 27th January

The wrong braces!

An elderly customer came in to withdraw some cash but had forgotten his pin number. He then rolled up his jumper to find out his pin number that he has written on his braces.

“Damn”, he said, “I’ve got the wrong braces on today.”

Lost property today was a walking stick. 

It was claimed late in the day as the customer had not realised until she got to the hospital that she had not got it with her…….can’t look too sound on a check-up!

No fish today.

Frank the fish man parks in the street every Friday selling his fresh fish; however, he has gone into hospital for an operation so no fresh fish 3 weeks.

The White Horse in Bampton is getting a bit of an eyesore as it has been closed for a while and local businesses are hoping the owner tidies it up.

I thought I would sort out the problem so I popped out to lunchtime and resolved the issue at a stroke.

Look what I have done

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2 Responses to Friday 27th January

  1. Steve says:

    Needs a bigger missile – you didn’t destroy it all. Nevertheless it was a splendid effort!!
    Didn’t Wallace and Gromit do “The wrong braces” – or was it trousers???
    Love the blog – can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. devonfinefibres says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Wonderful to see you in the Blogging world! Keep it up it’s great!
    Howabout a pic of the post office as a header? Go to Dashboard and scroll down the icons on the LHS to Appearance and you will find instructions there on how to change the pic.
    Lesley – just up the road (well, 4.2miles away to be precise!)

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