Saturday 28th January


One happy lady came into today.

Belinda has just had her first book published and was posting copies to family and friends.

The paperback book ‘Where Bluebirds Fly’ is available from Amazon.

Can I have a check-up please?

I thought the customer had come into the Post Office by mistake rather than the doctors, but no, he actually meant he wanted a balance on his bank account!

Grown men in tears.

It’s the time of year when customers well up when they come in.

Putting their debit card into the machine to suck the money out to pay the taxman is enough to make grown men and women cry.

One poor little soul managed to break an ornament on the shelf and it was refreshing to hear the father offer to pay for it.

A young lady, a pet behaviour counsellor, placed an advert in our window today – something different?

Take a look



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One Response to Saturday 28th January

  1. Kathryn benton says:

    Harmonious pets is a very good training group for your dogs! We took our dog Molly for training from a puppy and we took two different courses. It’s works very well and definitely worth the money. Leona is very good at what she does. (especially when we have a springer spaniel!) And she loved all the cheese and ham as rewards!!!!

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