Monday 30th January

An early customer caused a laugh from the queue when he asked “can I have some stamps and come back to pay later?”

In a friendly place like Bampton when we know the customers (our friends) well the answer is “Of course”.

It started snowing this morning.

Cars and 4×4’s were coming down from the surrounding hills covered in a couple of inches of the white stuff.

Conversations continued all day on “How much will we get?”, “I remember getting stuck at Wivvy on the way home” etc.

We didn’t sell any sledges today!

Harking back to the “Can I have stamps” customer – while he was at the counter someone brought in his suit for dry cleaning. He had his woolly hat on and several layers and SHORTS on.

He did ask for a quick turnaround on his suit as I think they are his only pair of trousers!

There were reports of panic buying milk in Costcutters. That reminds me, I forgot to get some for myself.

As a tweeter @BamptonPO we swap messages with local businesses.

I often get tweets from the @BridgeDulverton , their website is

Sometimes it’s a photo of the range of beers on their hand pumps which makes me thirsty but today it was a vacancy for a job

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