Wednesday 1st February

It must have been cold this morning as Norman had his trousers on.

Customers were coming in the shop with the words “It’s warmer in here”.

If no words were forthcoming when meeting the warmer air then some strange and differing noises were emanating from their lips accompanied by a shudder of the shoulders.

The boiler had packed up at the local school so the young children were home today which seemed to be of an irritation to most of the mothers.

One lady customer, whilst talking about the cold weather said that when she taken the dog for a walk it came back with ice on its chest.

The obvious retort was “I hope you didn’t!”…this comment fell on stony ground,

One customer came in to post some gingerbread to her father (I think) and opted for second class as the gingerbread would then be stickier when it arrived.

This afternoon, a sudden outburst of laughter gave me a start.

A lady had spotted one our gifts plaques that said “Vodka is cheaper than Botox and it paralyses more muscles”.

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