Friday 3rd February

Even colder this morning so customers were a bit sparse early doors.

It gave me chance to watch the cricket on my phone in the shop.

As I switched on a Pakistan batsman was writhing about on the pitch as he had just got one in the nether regions.

As usual the England team were showing their concern – with wide grins!

The outcome was that the batsman needed a new protector which was suitably supplied by the twelfth man. I’m just glad he wasn’t subject to the Wimbledon call “New balls please!”

When you ask the customer if they are alright there is always one smart arse that replies “All down one side I am”.

It was good to hear that Spar is charging people a fee for paying their bills/phone top ups with a debit card. To avoid the fee a purchase in the shop must be made.

Maybe those customers will come  to the Post Office where we make no charge for using a debit card to pay bills.

A new customer was delighted to see that we sell sugar free sweets, however he was confused that we sell sugar free barley sugar.

Does that mean it is just barley?

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One Response to Friday 3rd February

  1. Steve says:

    Love the cricket story – still unsure about the sugar free Barley Sugar – surely a case for trade descriptions???

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