Saturday 4th February

I caused a kerfuffle in the pharmacy last evening.

The lady in the white coat behind the counter asked if I wanted something for the weekend, sir.

“Yes please, some meths” I replied.

When I explained we were having friends round for a fondue a couple of additional pair of eyes appeared above the dispensary wall so they could check who was going retro.

We had a great time and I suggest you all check the back of your cupboards to dust off your fondue sets.

One very kind customer brought me some marmalade that she had made yesterday.

My little hint that I loved marmalade when she purchased some jam pot covers paid off handsomely. Can’t wait for breakfast in the morning.

I haven’t managed to track down a copy of last weeks BBC Spotlight program about Bampton, however in my search I found a very interesting 1941 film about Bampton.

I wonder if any of the young children now come and see me to collect their pension in the Post Office.

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