Tuesday 7th February


Evidently Mr Charles Dickens would have been 200 today.

Just think of how much pension he would have collected from the Post office if had still been alive today.

They are bringing out a stamp later in the year to celebrate him.

If you want to see it http://ow.ly/i/rPpW/original

Someone brought in a poster advertising Nocturnes by Candlelight (Chopin music) at Hockworthy Hall.

What made me chuckle was the comment at the bottom of the poster  “Car Park unlit so bring a torch” which I thought was funny in itself.

Thinking about it later surely it should have read “Car Park unlit so bring a candle”.

My other half got a text from her daughter (age 30) saying that although you never forget how to ride a bicycle, she had fallen off and bashed her knee.

This was related to me and the customers in the shop at the time.

……Out came the bicycle stories.

One customer who did not ride until she was 40+ had a bike with a basket on the front in which she had books.

When she went over a bump in the road, up bounced the books, out went BOTH hands to catch them….. CRASH.

Second time on a bicycle ended up with 16 stitches in the head from butting a drain pipe so that was the end of the cycling.

We advertise many different things in the post office and there are many local people with skills they are keen to teach others.

A new one today was a lady from Wiveliscombe who is advertising ‘Clarinet Sax and Flute tuition’.

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