Wednesday 8th February



“Where is Pete the Postie, I’ve been shivering here for hours waiting to bite him in the …………..ankle as that’s all I can reach”

First job this morning was blowing up balloons.

Rosemary at Haircare across the road has a special birthday today and Sabrina was in to buy banners and balloons to decorate the hairdressers. All a bit last minute, hence the assistance with the inflating.

One of our older gentleman customers explained to us how is getting excited about having a ‘proper’ birthday soon as he was born on the 29th February.

He will be 80 (born 1932) and went on to chat about how he was 13 (3 really!) at the end of the war.

He remembered one day at school all the children raced off to see a crashed Flying Fortress in a local field near Bampton (although he of course was a good boy and waited till lunch break).

The plane had been shot at over Europe and the navigator was injured and there was blood all over his seat. Everyone else was okay although the plane had crashed landed.

Coincidently one of his current farming neighbours he knows well is a family named Richards and the daughter Mary went on to be production director for the film Memphis Belle, a film about a Flying Fortress!

She is now a film producer, working on Notting Hill, Alice in Wonderland, The Boy in the striped Pyjamas and many more. 

We are now doing pre doctor reviews.

An elderly customer knowing that one of our assistants is an Ex-nurse came for her opinion before going to the surgery. She rolled down her tubigrip bandages on the ankles and also hitched up her skirt to show blotched legs, asking Lynn for her thoughts. Ciculation issues was the diagnosis.

I looked the other way!


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