Thursday 9th February

One of the first customers this morning was looking forward to his trip to the chiropodist.

Somehow the conversation ended up talking about hair waxing of his back.

Things are hotting up on the pantomime front.

Tickets were selling well today and the Director was in talking costumes, dress rehearsals and other theatrical stuff…..darling, darling.

Bit of a tidy up this evening as we have potential buyers coming for a look around in the morning.

Interest has improved since there was a good write up of the opportunity to buy our wonderful Post Office in the Mid Devon Gazette last week. I will post a copy for you when I can scan it.

If you are interested in living the subpostmaster lifestyle then have a look at our property on the following website

The write up on the Post Office property details mentions the blog – what publicity!

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3 Responses to Thursday 9th February

  1. Steve says:

    Does the Yorkie (tied to the post box yesterday) come with the house???

  2. Steve says:

    sorry I like cats but I couldn’t eat a whole one!

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