Friday 10th February


Another chilly start to the day although we were spared the snow.

An early customer discussed this and she said that she loved the snow and ice as she was a skater. In fact she retired from skating when she was 74.

Sad news that champion jockey and Grand National trainer John Gifford passed away aged 70.

One of the people I talk to about racing mentioned that he was with Josh the day that Ryan Price signed over his stables to Josh.

A customer was pleased to see that we sold Pontefract Cakes (it’s a sweet not a cake) as she has just come back from Indonesia with firm instructions that when she goes back in a month she must take Pontefract cakes. We were trying to work out how many she can get into her case.

One of our cheeky chappie customers came in during the afternoon.

Seeing one of his friends (female) at the counter in the shop he crept over and gave her a gentle tweak.

You should have seen her face when she turned around and also his face when she turned round as it was not the friend he thought it was.

It was one of our greeting card reps showing my other half her new range.   Oops!



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