Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day – table booked for 8pm – my other half says “can’t come as I’m out with Prince Charming tonight”.

I checked her history on the computer and I found the bounder 

So instead I decided on a Valentines lunch at the Toucan.

The place was packed and to cap it all Andrea Ormsby (BBC Spotlight) popped in with her camera to record a piece for tonight’s program.  I think my wine glass was empty by then!

I nearly had more luck with one our first customers.

When it was her turn to be served she said “Who wants to play with me?”

I’m glad I wasn’t alone in the shop at the time as the others managed to answer before I could.

We sold lots of Valentine cards today. A constant flow of last minute customers all day, mainly chaps, up to 5:29!

One young lady came in to post her card, albeit late, to her boyfriend in Wales.

She had not received one from him and was only sending him one to make a point!

A group of three ladies that shop together came in as usual on a Tuesday and were chatting away near the card racks.

One said “Has your hubby got you a card?                         “Of course not” came the reply.

“I thought your husband was romantic” …………………..”How the hell do you know” was the retort!

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