Thursday 16th February


We get asked to put up many posters in the shop.

The one I put up this morning is asking for volunteers to plant a few snowdrop bulbs in the churchyard on Saturday morning.  A few being about 4000!

This event has happened for last 2 years so there are already 8000 planted and many are starting to bloom.

Got a tweet this morning from Nick saying that the first salmon of the year (Springer) are being caught on the River Exe

Ten minutes later a customer came in to buy a salmon fishing licence.

He had only just found out what a ‘springer salmon’ was and is planning a fishing trip at the weekend.

Any salmon caught before the end of June have to be returned to the water so it’s a good job that Frank the fish man is back in town tomorrow after his operation.

First night of the pantomime tonight so all talk is about

–       What night are you going, darling?

–       How are the rehearsals going, sweetie?

–       Who doesn’t still know their lines, luvvy?

–       Will the producer recognise the dialog with all the adlibs, dearie?

Break a leg luvvies.

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