Friday 17th February


First night of the pantomime went down very well.

Everyone who went last night that came into the post office today was very complimentary on the performance.

–         Great audience participation, especially Brian who was well heard and even gave one of the ugly sisters a red card

–         The kids were brilliant

–         Great singing from Cinders and PC

–         The residents from the care home thought it was great even though they had to stay up later then their normal bedtime

–         The ugly sisters were so funny

Remember the 3 ladies from Tuesday?

In again today having a look around the shop one of them came across a bag of something on the shelf.  “What’s this” was asked.

“Rose confetti, if not required for a wedding you can put it in your drawers” came the reply.  It was followed by lots of sniggering.

Later in the day a young chap bought a pack of cards and wouldn’t leave the shop until he had performed a couple of card tricks. Paul Daniels – watch out.

We did manage to sell him a book on card tricks so he can bore his parents even more!

A regular came in late in the day saying she had been to a memorial service for Norma Huxtable and it finished with everyone having a chuckle.

Norma had written a couple of books on events at her B&B, the first book being ‘Last Word on Exmoor’.

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One Response to Friday 17th February

  1. devonfinefibres says:

    Keep it up Bruce! You are painting such a great picture of our lovely community. It’s a real pleasure to live here (or close by in my case – out in the wilds above Oakford!) and feel part of it.

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