Saturday 18th February


Bamptons Got Talent

This is Mark and his party trick is ladder juggling.

As you can see he starts off with 2 sets then for a finale makes it three with a roof ladder.

I’ve googled ‘ladder juggling’ to identify that this is indeed a unique act he has got.

Lots of people juggle things whilst on a ladder but no one juggles actual ladders.

Pantomime continues to rave reviews although when we asked one lady this morning if she was going she said it wasn’t her sort of thing.

She took her granddaughter to see Rolf Harris. The granddaughter was invited up on stage to help Rolf make something which he autographed for her when they had finished.

She now checks the obituaries for Rolf, waiting for the autograph to go up in value!

I got a sneak preview of the food and drink for the ‘European Wine & Dine evening’ at the Toucan in March . No scallops this time.

Customer joke – “What has the taxman got in common with a penguin?”

“They can both stick their bills up their arse!”

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