Tuesday 21st February


Our Devon Air Ambulance co-ordinator was in this morning thanking our customers for raising just under £600 from our weekly lottery sales. http://www.daat.org/

Prior to opening the shop I have the unenviable task of vacuuming and cleaning up the shop floor.

So why am I disappointed at 8:32 when a farmer troops in with wet muddy wellies?

He did buy a £4 birthday card for his wife. He seemed very pleased that it cost that much as he could then tell her so!

One of our customers, younger lady with four children, has managed to give up smoking for 3 weeks now and says she is feeling a lot healthier for it.

I did point out to her that if her husband gave up as well they would save about £5000 a year.

She did not realise this and went home and told her hubby that he ought to give up as well so they could then buy a car that the whole family could go out in together. All part of our customer service!

My wife and kids are leaving me because they say I am obsessed by horse racing. I am looking out of the window now – and they’re off!

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