Wednesday 22nd February


Why are we fascinated with people digging holes?

The council subcontractors were out early this morning putting out the cones and digging up the pavement.

People are drawn to such holes and want to go across have a peer in it, so to save you time I took a photograph of it.

My Sweet of the Week promotion is getting more famous.

I introduced it not only to encourage more sales but also to entice our customers to try something different for a change. We let customers try the sweet for free then buy at a lower than normal price.

The ‘Sweet Week’ starts on a Wednesday and I put up posters and also send out a Tweet to all of my followers (@Bampton PO if you want to follow me). 

When the local papers wrote a piece on the Bampton Business Group and the use of Twitter it gave my ‘Sweet of the Week’ a good mention.

Someone came in today and said one of the questions in the local pub quiz last week was “What is this week’s Sweet of the Week in the Post Office?”

Talking of sweets – When children are selecting their sweets, why to the grownups tell them what to choose?  Because the grownups like them and they want to share!



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