Thursday 23rd February


The Nat West mobile van comes to Bampton once a week on a Thursday for about 25 minutes and tries to park somewhere in Brook Street.

Today it could not find a space so double parked outside the Post Office.

It was good to note the customers that used the van as we now offer withdrawals and balances for Nat West and hopefully we can entice them to use us more.

Someone mentioned that the van also parks up near the main car park.

This is not true as the van only stops there so the Nat West staff can pop into the public loos.

First 2 customers this morning appeared to know each other.

“How’s yours doing?” “Fine, how’s yours?” “Good, thanks”

I think they were talking about the lambing!

One chap came in with a package and said “First Class young man”.

I replied “Thank you I am”.

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One Response to Thursday 23rd February

  1. Wifey says:

    Now tell the truth old man!!! How old are you next month?!!! Young! Ha ha ha

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