Friday 24th February


 New stamps yesterday – Britons of Distinction.

How many do you recognise?

What else can you tell from the photo?

–          I got this via a tweet

–          My phone is on the O2 network

–          My battery is well charged

–          I snapped the tweet at nearly 4:30pm

  • Surely I’m busy with post at this time you ask!

–          My phone signal strength is only 2 bars (out of 5)

–          My Wi-Fi strength is only ok

One of our daily customers who normally brings in his post later in the afternoon came in about 11:30 with only a couple of letters. He handed over his post and wished us a good weekend.

He returned about 4pm with more post and I said that I thought he had finished for the day the previous time.

“I thought it was Saturday when I came in earlier!” he said sheepishly.

One of the older ladies came to get some money out of her Post Office (Pension) account.

“How much would you like? “ I asked.

“Half of what is there please” she replied

“Do you know how much is in there? I enquired


This job can be simpler at times.

As I mentioned about a month ago, one of our customers has had her first book, ‘Where Bluebirds Fly’ published. We were delighted to receive a pre-release copy from the publisher and we are looking forward to reading it.

Belinda will be undertaking a book signing at the Toucan very soon and was in today to post a copy to one of her best friends abroad who just couldn’t wait to order it through proper channels.

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