Sunday 26th February


This is Saturday’s blog being written on Sunday morning.

I have an excuse though as friends are here for the weekend and as soon as we closed the Post Office they dragged me kicking and screaming to the Bridge at Dulverton.

They made me drink every one of the real ales that they currently have on sale and when we got back home about 5pm I was forced to play cards, eat and drink some more.

I have now escaped and can now get to grips with what happened on Saturday.

Are we a soft touch?

A stranger came into the shop and asked to look at the birthday cards. Next minute she goes out of the door with card in her hand saying “I’m just going to the car to get some money” – she did return to pay.

Ten minutes a later a regular came in with garden fork tucked under her arm. She was on her way to help plant the 4000 snowdrops I mentioned last week. She spotted a dog ball and remembered she needed to get one. “I have no money so I will pay next time I see you, bye” she said.

We are a trustworthy lot in Bampton and yes, after snowdrop planting had finished, she came back to pay off her debts.

A bit of panic crept in later in the morning when one of our printers stopped working just as 6 people joined the queue.

We tried the normal technical solution – switch off, switch on.

This did not work so we were quickly on the phone to the highly trained technical team.

“Switch off, switch on” came the solution.  “Done that already”

After about 5 minutes of pressing this, prodding that, one last solution was suggested.

“Get a piece of cardboard and stuff it up inside the machine where the stamp labels go”.

Bingo, it solved the problem.

Who would have thought that cardboard had such healing effects?

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