Tuesday 28th February


Tomorrow is only 300 days to Christmas.

My countdown to Xmas will be in the window in the morning. How many people will spot it and make a comment.  It does normally wind up a few people.

Do you want to know how to raise money for charity?

One of elderly regular customers came in with his wife today. As she was being served he wandered over to look at one of our booklets on a “Short History of Bampton”.  He spent a good five minutes perusing the booklet before his wife decided it was time them to leave.

I jokingly said “You have had 10 pence worth of reading time” so he put his hand in pocket, pulled out a 10p and put into the Devon Air Ambulance collecting box with a big smile on his face.

Several times a week customers bring in parcels of items that their visitors have left behind.

Today a whacking great dog bowl was being returned. The customer sent it first class as she thought the dog may be getting hungry!

The same customer bought some locally made brooches that we sell and we were talking about the person who made them. We were trying to describe the lady that made them when the door opened and the lady in question walked in.

A chap came in during the afternoon asking  if we knew of someone who sold ‘good’ logs as he has a new wood burner that was getting through a normal load of wood in a couple of weeks. We couldn’t answer the question but we suggested someone next door in the butchers who might know.

2 minutes later a young lady who works for her father’s Stove business came in so I asked her if she knew about a log seller and explained the high usage. She suggested that maybe he had a faulty stove and could not ‘turn it down’. At that moment I spotted the chap looking at our adverts in the window and beckoned him in so I left the 2 together discussing wood burner issues.  It is all part of the service in the Post Office.

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