Wednesday 29th February


What a beautiful day in Bampton today.

For the first time this year we had the shop door open most of the day.

Our rule is that when it gets to 16 C then we leave the door open.

It was the sort of day where the customers kept reminding us “It’s a wonderful day OUTSIDE”.

“Yes and we are stuck inside”

I might have to put the sledges in the stock room tomorrow or is that tempting fate?

One of our younger neighbours came in first thing and asked “What do I need to tax my car?”

I replied “Tax reminder or registration document and certificate of insurance”.

He looked worried saying “Mums gone away and I don’t know where they are”.

Where would you be without your mum!

Another early customer came in with a twig in a plastic bag.

On enquiring what was in the bag (not that we are nosey, just interested!)

“It’s a cutting off my apple tree that a friend wants to graft onto his apple tree.”

Strange what people do isn’t it?

A lady came in just after lunch and asked if we sold maps so I asked what sort of map.

“Road map, OS maps, town map?”

“We are lost and want to get to Ilfracombe” she said.

No sale for me as I said “Turn left at the end of the road, aim for Barnstaple and in about half an hour you get to a roundabout that takes you right to Ilfracombe “  

How can people get lost in this day and age?

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