Thursday 1st March


The sun was shining again today and someone mentioned that Bampton’s answer to Charlie Dimmock was outside the butchers shop.

On venturing outside with my camera I found Denise doing some planting in the tubs.

She is nothing like Charlie as I was told she does wear chest upholstery!

Another customer told us a story today about having to give up smoking.

He has smoked for over 40 years (started at 9) and was spending about £10 a day on tobacco.

He became ill and was told not to smoke again which gladly he isn’t.

He says he feels a lot better now and as a result of the daily money saving he can now afford to buy a table to eat off rather than on his lap. He can also afford to replace his 15 year old TV.

His boss also says he is performing more effectively at work as he does not keep stopping for a roll up before and after each little job.

An interesting advert was placed in the window today.

‘Wormery for sale, excellent condition – needs new inhabitants’

Another of our regular customers excitedly tweeted today to say her first lambs of the year had been born.  Check out her blog

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