Monday 5th March


Monday morning is recycling time again in Bampton.

However this time it was not just the empties from the weekend.

It was time to remove the bodies of those who had emptied the bottles.

Since the council identified that there was a lack of space in the cemetery, West Country Casualties have been solving the problem.

Unfortunately they are not disposing their contents at the nearest recycling centre at Dulverton as there is now a £2 charge so they are probably fly-tipping somewhere.

A customer last Monday had collected his own and his wife’s pension then went to the end of the shop to sort out his money and receipts.

He left but 5 minutes later returned to say he had lost his Post office Account card and thought it was left in the Post Office but on searching it could not be found.

This morning he came in to say that he found his card.

“I found it later in the day, in my shoe!”

How does that happen?

Did he have a hole in his pocket and it slid down the inside of his trousers into his shoe? Unlikely.

He said he had been walking around on it and had not noticed.

It was very strange morning today as people were forgetful and also doing unusual things.

A customer collected his pension and after a lengthy chat with us and others in the shop left only to return ten minutes later saying he had forgotten to pay a bill.

His bill he tried to pay was for the local garage for his car service….????

Another regular who collects his pension via a Giro could not find the necessary piece of paper. While his wife was in the shop collecting her money he was outside checking his pockets concluding he had left it at home on the side.

An hour later his Giro was found blowing about in the street!

As he is ex-directory I cannot tell him so he will probably spend a few days still searching for it.

Why do ladies have large handbags with lots of zipped compartments?

I know – it’s so they can spend 10 minutes at the front of the queue zipping and unzipping every part of their bag searching for their bank cards.

A mother and grandchild, when asked what they were doing later in the day, replied “We are going to bath the two tortoises”.

While I was at lunch I even missed the man in Arabian robes posting a letter in the box. Not a sight you see in Bampton very often.

Unfortunately he did at least arrive by car as a camel outside would have made a great photo for the blog

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One Response to Monday 5th March

  1. devonfinefibres says:

    I love the idea of a “Drunks Collection Service”! But I’m sure you know that in reality WC Causualties are a “Fallen Stock” collection outfit. In other words, they go round farms picking up the bodies of all the cattle and, especially this time of year, the sheep and lambs who haven’t made it. We farmers are not allowed to bury any dead farm animals on our land yet we could bury each other. To put your Auntie Ada or Uncle Percival in the field is no problem, but a lamb? Ooooh no. Against DEFRA regulations!!

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