Wednesday 7th March


Big excitement in Bampton at the moment as…


 Twice a year a skip is delivered to the car park on a Saturday morning for residents of Bampton to get rid of their unwanted stuff.

 The notice has been put in the window and you would be surprised how many people are glad to see it. We have even had phone calls asking when it was due.

 The advertisement shows an actual picture of a skip just in case it cannot be differentiated from the cars in the car park. I do really hope it is a yellow one to make it even easier.

 A lady customer was having difficulty finding her bank cards this morning and said “I have a new purse and don’t know how to work it”. 

 There was a pleasant fragrance or a horrible smell in the shop today depending on what you think about lilies.

 A bit like marmite, some people love it whilst others loathe it.

 The lilies do look great though when displayed in one of our Ikebana vases.

 It is so easy to produce an impressive flower display with just a few stems when you have an Ikebana vase.

 Michelle and Frank’s mum are your favourite for the killer at the moment

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