Thursday 8th March


This is Ian and he has been awarded the honour of carrying the Olympic torch on its journey through the UK.

Tens of thousands of exceptional nominations were received between May and June 2011. 

Those shortlisted were put forward to selection panels across the UK, who judged each story anonymously. With the standard so high, there were difficult decisions to be made as to who would be one of the 8,000 people carrying the Flame.

Nominees had around a one in 11 chance of being a Torchbearer.

Successful nominees were contacted with a conditional offer in December 2011 and places will be confirmed by March 2012.

Ian will be one of the people who carry the Olympic flame on the journey from Exeter to Taunton on May 21st.

I will keep you updated on Ian’s honour as we get closer to the event.

Today was a quieter day, however, I did get more information on the ‘Arab’ gentleman from earlier in the week.

Evidently he used to work for Steph and Rodney (they have the Fruit & Veg shop a couple doors along the street) a few years ago when Rodney trained racehorses.

The gentleman is of Egyptian origin and as he has the robes he thought a good prank to dress up accordingly and pop into see them.

Unfortunately they were not in the shop, however, he knew where they lived and caught up with them there

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