Friday 9th March


I put a poster up today for the Exmoor Challenge which raises several thousands of pounds every year for charity. More info at

 Hope it’s not an April fool joke.

As I mentioned before, we do spend a bit of time exercising in Brook Street when customers leave things behind in the shop.

 Today one lady left a pack of Easter cards so Sam went in search.

 Not in Costcutters or the butchers or the fruit & veg.

 I thought the lady came in to Bampton to have a hair done so Sam went across to Haircare.

 “Is the ex-headmistress in here”  “No, she doesn’t come here – she goes to Denise!”

 After a check in the Toucan, she was tracked down in Denise’s hairdressers.

 Sam came back for a well deserved coffee!

 More discussions happened today on operations today.  

 If it wasn’t a knee operation it was a hysterectomy. People love to tell us all about their ailments.

 Speaking about ailments, I received some good news this morning.

A friend of mine received the Bowel Cancer Screening pack just before Christmas.

After the tests were analysed a growth was identified at a very early stage.

This has been successfully operated on and he now has the all clear with no further treatment required.

If he had waited nine to twelve months the outcome would probably have been a lot worse and potentially much more serious. 

The moral of the story is when you receive the assessment pack you should follow it through.

Apparently thousands do not and from his perspective the benefits are enormous; and about 90% of people get the all clear anyway. 

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