Saturday 10th March


I am looking forward to this evening when we are going to Barnstaple to see the Solid Silver 60s show. The silver relates to the colour of the hair of the majority of the audience.

How many of these ‘stars’ do you remember?

A generally quiet Saturday morning as I think a lot of people in Bampton decided to have a lie in.

We did get a couple of phone calls from an old dear in Tiverton who has been pestering us for the last few days.

The bottom line is that she has not had any post delivered to her for a while.

Why phoning Bampton Post Office will solve the problem is beyond me.

My other half has been fielding her calls for the last few days.

I gather that she asked the police for help when she had no mail. (I hope it wasn’t 999).

She got information to contact Royal Mail in Bampton Street in Tiverton.

She somehow ended up with our telephone number.

During several calls on Thursday she was repeatedly given the telephone number of Tiverton sorting office.

More calls on Friday.

Two more calls today and I took the second one and just answered the questions.

“Do you deliver mail?”                                   “No, we are a post office”

“What do you do then?”                               “We sell stamps”

“You are not very helpful”                           “Correct, bye”

A couple came into post a letter and wanted a £1.09 stamp because it said so on the envelope.

When weighed, the letter only needed a 75p stamp. It took a while to convince that we knew better!

Customers normally moan that postage costs are too much, yet when we try to save them money they argue about it.

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