Ist Day of the Cheltenham Festival


I had a day off today to be at the first day of the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival.

It is always a great day at the best racecourse in the country.

‘Our’ car park is a wonderful find. It is easy to get into and out of and only £8.

The next car but one to us in the car park belonged to John Parrott the snooker player.

Thousands of enthusiastic racegoers were waiting outside for the gates to open at 10:30.

Once inside we head for the Guinness Village for the customary pint of the black stuff that I only drink at Cheltenham and in Ireland.

On the way to the G V, passing by the Cheltenham Shopping Village  I spy Rachel, Bampton girl about town, working on the Really Wild Clothing company (The Really Wild Clothing Company offers elegant clothing that appeals to all ages.)

Rachel was looking good modelling the merchandise and she didn’t mind me taking the photo.

Rachel will be there for the first 2 days of the festival then back in the Swan on Thursday.

After the pint of Guinness (which is a tough task as it really makes your hand really cold) it was time to think about food.

Posh (organic) burger fitted the bill at this point.

As I added salad to the burger (to make it healthy) I turn round to see two more people from Bampton that I know.

It is a small world as amongst 50,000 people at Cheltenham I bump into people I know.


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