Monday 12th March


 I had an afternoon off at Taunton races.

It was glorious sunshine in Bampton as I left.

The shop door was open as it was 16 degrees but as soon as I got to the border the fog was still around so the racing was a tad chilly to say the least.

The jockey in photo is Tom Scudamore who lives just down the road in Stoodleigh.

Pictured with his boss David Pipe they won the race in question but are hoping for bigger things when the Cheltenham festival starts tomorrow,


I laughed….


A regular customer came in this morning.

“Have you got a racing paper?”

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“Have you got a racing paper?”

“Yes I have” I said as I reached down below the counter and got out my copy of the Racing Post.

The customer looked very perplexed.

At this point Lynn said “I think he wants TRACING PAPER”.



The same customer then spotted the Union flags on a stick that we have for 50p in a basket on the floor.

“I’ll get one for my friend” he said.

I pointed to one of the flags that was unwrapped and on display so he could what they were like.

This flag just happens to be next to a collecting bucket for one of the nurses from the surgery that is retiring (no names in case she reads the blog).

I said “That will be 50 pence please”.

He smiled politely as he put his 50p in the bucket rather than giving it to me to put in the till.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him…


One of older female customers got into a bit of a tizzy this morning.

While she was being served at the counter an older chap came in and said to her “In your day you had the best legs in Bampton”.

She went all of a doodah and could not remember her pin numbers.


As another customer left the shop she said “It’s going to be a nice day but it’s not”.   Compendez???


Nick Hart is getting very excited as the trout season starts on Thursday


By the way, the show on Saturday was wonderful.

Brian Poole (71) okay

Chris Montez (69) brilliant

Brian Hyland (68) great

Peter Noone (64) superb

The show is on at Torquay in the near future and I suggest it won’t be wasted evening.

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