Budget Day



Aren’t budgets boring?

All the analysis by the media before and after budget day but by next week it will be all forgotten and we will carry on as normal.

Apart from the Post Office the local pubs are the hub of the community but several pubs are closing each day as customers drift away because of the continuing price hike on alcohol duty.

The cost of a pint has gone up by 40% since 2008.

If you want to fight these increases please sign the e-petition at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29664/?friendly_id=saveyourpint

 The nice weather today brought in a few anglers to renew their annual fishing licenses.

As I said to one of them “I hope a big fish bites the hook on your line and pulls it taught, so the hook gets caught in its cheek and you can reel the stinky fella in”.

I was told “All you need to say is TIGHT LINES” which is the good luck message when anglers leave for a fishing trip.

Hope you managed to catch BBC Spotlight last night for a fleeting glimpse of myself chatting about Twitter. I have 49 followers so far. Find me @BamptonPO

One customer came in to collect her currency for her trip to Sweden and Denmark.

The conversation drifted along to what sort of weather it will be and how chilly it might still be at the moment. She replied that “they are quite robust people” in her best impression of a Scandinavian accent.

Little did she know I was serving a Swedish born lady alongside her at the counter.

When we told her later she was a little embarrassed.

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