Thursday 22nd March


This strangely dressed man walked past the shop this morning and disappeared down a manhole in the road.

Having seen the way he was suited up I was surprised when he emerged looking the same as I thought he might reappear covered in slime and gunge.

It is something to do with the refurbishment of a couple of shops and houses at the end of the road.

Two early customers were quietly choosing greeting cards at each end of the card racks.

As they got closer together and needed to pass each other to continue their card search the lady said to the gentleman “Shall we swap?”

I wonder what she would have done if he had said “Hi, I belong to the Bampton Swingers club, I’m ready to swap anytime”.

I know (sorry I presume) that when you retire everyday may seem the same.

A customer came in to collect her dry cleaning expecting it to be ready and seemed a little put out when it wasn’t.

I said “It was sent on Tuesday and will be back this afternoon”.

At which point she said “Sorry, I thought it was Friday today”.

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