Monday 26th March


Back to work today after a wonderful birthday weekend near Bovey Tracey.

My other half organised the surprise weekend away at a wonderful country house on the edge of Dartmoor.

Further surprises continued over the weekend as family and friends arrived over 2 days, culminating with a Murder Mystery Evening with The Candlelight Theatre Company.

Early this morning a customer came in and puts his newspaper on the counter so he could get out his bank card.

“Damn, they’ve given me the Telegraph by mistake.”

“I don’t lean to the left, let alone dress to the left!”

I gather that on Friday as a result of my son putting up a poster on the wall outside the shop advertising my birthday, several people popped their head round the door to offer best wishes (or possibly some ageist comment). They were a bit bemused when I wasn’t there..

I managed to sneak half a plastic cup of red wine during the day as Steph was celebrating her ‘one year in Bampton Fruit & Veg shop’.

The weather was tremendous today, as everyone kept telling me when they came into the shop.

I’d reply “Yes, it does look a nice day through the window!”

At 5:30 p.m. I had a tricky decision to make.

The back garden for a G&T or should take advantage of the longer evening and good weather and go for a walk to get some exercise.

Surprisingly the latter won and as you can see from the photographs I enjoyed a stroll in the countryside.

I even walked straight past the Quarryman’s Rest!

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