Tuesday 27th March


We could be busy selling lots of 1st and 2nd class stamps in the next four weeks as a result of today’s announcement.

The dilemma is how many shall I order?

Will businesses come in and buy thousands?

Will customers buy their birthday and Christmas card stamps in advance of the price increase or will people just stop buying cards?

A customer that we know who has a shop in Exeter was in this morning and was chatting away about how brass-necked some people are when it comes to stealing.

Would you believe some customers will open packets of crisps and sweets on the shelf and help themselves to a few out of the packet?

One customer was spotted on CCTV shoplifting.

When he returned he was told he was banned for stealing.

“It was only a packet of biscuits” he replied!

Another dodgy chap, when also spotted stealing on the CCTV and when told he was banned on returning to the shop said “How long for?”

He was used to being caught and banned and took it calmly in his stride.

Wish I had a £1 for every customer that came in to today and said “It’s a beautiful day outside”.

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