Wednesday 28th March


This fine weather brought out a bee which gave me chance to try out my new spider/bee catcher.

It is a raised compartment with a sliding panel at the front. You slide back the cover, trap the insect, and turn the contraption round 180 degrees so the cover slides back into place and you have the victim trapped. You then wander outside, turn 180 degrees again and release the poor soul unharmed.

Elderly chap came in and asked for tupenny stamp.

Before I could say “Did you hear the news about the price of stamps yesterday”, he corrected himself to a second class stamp.

I sold loads of stamps today.

I thought people were supposed to be panic buying fuel at the moment not stamps.

It ranged from a £500 purchase to an “I’ve come in today to get stamps before they go up, can I have a book of 6 first class please!”

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