Thursday 29th March


An interesting looking van parked outside today.

If you can read the sign, it says something like ‘Ornamental pheasants, goslings and geese, bantams, pigeons, turkeys, ornamental ducks, etc.’  

Who buys these strange things for the garden?

Look closely at the driver, is it a matching gnome for the garden?

First two customers this morning both were both showing off bare legs.

I now wish I had taken a photo for you to compare the female’s long legs in shorts against a local ‘jack of all trades’ legs.

I was trying to serve both of them at the same time (as my other half is still side-lined).

The ‘ far better legs’ was buying stamps and lots of items in the shop on a business debit card which is fine for stamps but not the shop, so she left with the shop items saying I’ll be back to pay later.

On the other hand, the ‘knobbly knees’ was filling out paperwork and I made the comment “I thought customers were simple (meaning easy)”.

He replied “I know I am simple”

During the morning we had a discussion about how you cannot see drivers and passengers through modern car windows.

The problem I have in Bampton is that as I walk through the town and a car passes I have to wave just in case I know them!


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