Friday 30th March


The parcelforce man delivered to me a box of wine today.

As you can see it’s from the Naked Wine company.

This reminds of the time (pre blog days) when he brought a similar box into the post office.

At the time an older lady was at the counter posting a letter to France.

As the delivery chap came in through the door, as in good old Catchphrase tradition, I said what I saw.

“It’s the naked delivery man”

Well, if you ever saw the film Carrie, the lady customer’s head swivelled round in anticipation at the thought of a naked man stood next to her.

She was a bit disappointed so she regained her closure at went out of the door.

A few seconds later she popped her head back inside the shop and said

“Did you post my French Letter for me?”

“Yes” I said with a straight face.

When she closed the door we then had a good chuckle about both events.

You know how squeamish I am from previous blogs.

Today someone bought a card because her brother had chopped off three of his fingers (two were saved!). I tried hard not to ask too many questions about it.

A local lady came in a put a card on the scales “One for ee, and three else”.

And they think I talk strange from up north.

Great weather outside again today as constantly customers reminded us “It’s too nice to be in here working”.

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