Saturday 31st March


The big day has finally arrived.

The skip was in the car park today.

It wasn’t a big clean yellow one like the advertisement.

In fact there were two skips (dirty green and dirty yellow) and a large shiny refuse lorry.

Electrical items and metalwork went into the skips and all other stuff was eaten up by the refuse lorry.

The sofa in the picture was gobbled up in seconds along with my wooden furniture without even a burp.

We had some Swedish customers in the shop today who bought lots of Willies chocolate.

Before they left home for their holiday one of their friends asked then to buy some of Willies products if they found them.

They are staying locally at Brushford and when they googled Willies website they discovered that the nearest stockist was in Bampton, at the Post office.

They were really pleased, and so were we, as they purchased many bars of both eating and cooking cacao along with Willies book.

It’s wonderful stuff, I always add cacao to gravies & casseroles and a chilli just would not be the same without it.

If you can’t get down to the shop to buy some cacao then you can buy it on the internet

A customer bought a card for an elderly relative, saying that her mother-in-law was suffering from the early stages of dementia, spending a lot of her time staring through the kitchen window.

“One day”, she said, “I might let her in!”

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