Monday 2nd April



At the end of a busy day it is always good to lock up the shop and go for a walk around the lanes surrounding Bampton.

Within a few minutes you are out of breath having walked up a steep incline to be away from the town and into the silence of the countryside (apart from the music on my phone).

For dinner, out of two species I spotted on the walk I’d go for the lamb over the bunny every time.

How was the budget for you?

A lot of the budget news is hidden away nowadays and is often a shock to everyone.

I’ve already mentioned that ‘the rules on the duty on beer remains unchanged’ means beer has gone up at least 10p as the ‘rule’ says that duty increases in line with the price index.

It’s the same for car tax.

Today the majority of standard car tax charges went up by £5 which was a surprise to the late April taxers, especially those who came in with a pre written cheque.

We also had an irate 82 year old ranting on about the fact that the government has now put a 20% VAT rate onto church repairs (to close a loophole!).

The majority of churches are now funded by the aged congregation so putting an extra 20% on the cost is a bit of a kick in the collection box. 

If you want to log your protest against this then sign here

Speaking about car tax, nothing more grates than customers coming in and saying “I tried to do it online but couldn’t so I’ve come here”.

It’s these customers who will close down Post Offices. 

If everyone did their car tax online we wouldn’t have a Post Office in Bampton.

I wish customers would think first about supporting their Post office, rather than going online to tax cars, print stamps, order currency, insure their cars, pets, lives, homes etc.

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