Tuesday 3rd April


Another Tuesday, another delivery of fresh meat arrives at the butchers next door.

Some sides of beef, a few lambs (not the baby ones that are currently bouncing round in the field) and a couple of pigs with heads attached.

These animals are usually from local farms and have been slaughtered by Stillmans and arrive ready for Neil to carve into the various joints and pieces of meat we buy from the shop.

A lady came in today looking as chirpy as she normally is, yet less than three weeks ago she had been rushed into hospital and her husband said she was very ill.

It’s good to see that people can make good recoveries and quickly.

We are always happy to help our customers when we can.

Today, as we have done in the past, an elderly gentleman came in with his mobile phone and asked us to top it up for him.

This means not only selling a voucher but also then phoning the company to add on the credit.

Some providers have a poor reception in Bampton so sometimes we have to go up to the third floor and hang out of the window to get a good enough signal to add to money to the phone.

It appeared simple today. I asked the customer which network he was on but he didn’t know.

I switched on the phone and the display said T-Mobile. I sold him a £10 top-up voucher then rang the number from his mobile as requested,

“Hello, this is Orange. If you want to top up press 1 etc.”

Orange asked me to tap in the 12 digit code, yet the voucher had a 16 digit code.

I eventually spoke to a human being but she only quoted what I didn’t need to know.

After about 30 mins I had to give up and I passed the problem to my other half who has more time as she still has got her feet up after the little accident.

After another 30 mins she found out that the phone was actually on the Orange network and it only displayed T-Mobile as it shares networks.

I purchased an Orange voucher and this worked.

Hopefully the customer is happy but I’m now £10 down on the deal unless I can find someone who wants to buy a £10 T-Mobile top-up voucher.

I have just got back from Newport watching my football team lose.

There is some good news to report however, in that I got into the match at senior citizen rates.

Saved £4

If you think positively then only £6 down on the day!

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2 Responses to Tuesday 3rd April

  1. The customer is not always right, but he,s still the customer.

  2. Like the quality meat,Not in boxes & local,Your butcher is a rare beast,Look after him.
    from Norman ex butcher,Look at my pics on the link below.

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