Wednesday 4th April

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s good to see customers return after being reported to be struggling.

A lady that we had not seen since the end of last year came in and announced she was back on her feet (but not for a long time) as she had a broken leg and has had a new knee fitted.

Not a bad effort to be up and about in 3 months I thought!

This lady had ordered some liquorice toffees before Christmas for her husband but we had not had ordered them in time.

Eventually the sweets arrived in January and I had saved them for her.

In February, I decided that as she had not been into the shop I would put them out for sale. Would you believe it they sold like hot cakes.

When she came in I told her we had got the liquorice toffees and she was pleased and was going to buy the whole 3 kilo bag.

I told her we had been selling them (on our third bag) so we only had what we had in the jar.

She just took a kilo!

At the same time as she was raving about the sweets another customer had heard the conversation and when it was her turn to be served she told me about her reminiscence about liquorice toffees.

When she was a young girl (many many years ago!) there was a local vicar, dressed in a long black cassock, who hung around the school gates handing out sweets to the children.

The sweets he handed out were liquorice toffees.

The lady in question remembers it well because the sweets were the same colour as the cassock!

Another lady customer bought an Easter card and as she was paying explained that the scars on her hand were from hitting her husband in the teeth (accidently of course).

I did suggest that maybe next time he took his teeth out before she hit him.

Little did I know that another customer was in the shop without her teeth!

I had a new request today – “Do you sell dictionaries?”

The answer was “No, sorry and I’m not sure where you could buy one in Bampton”.


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