Thursday 12th April


What a day.

The Thursday before the Grand National just after 11 am I have to check the declarations and go on the computer to get the runners sorted out for the sweepstake.

No sooner had I started to cut up the runners names for the pot, a customer asked if we were doing one!

It’s all good harmless fun and a lot people who do not have a bet on the race can have an interest.

In fact there a couple of faces that only come into the shop once a year to buy sweepstake tickets!

Maybe the horse in the picture will win the race….

An elderly couple were searching around the shop and when I asked what they were looking for they replied “Balloons”.

They live in Dulverton and they have open plan gardens with their neighbours.

One of their neighbours has a chicken that is allowed to run free which means it’s actually a pest to the others.

They have discovered the chicken is frightened of balloons, hence the purchase.

As one early customer was about to leave the shop another one came in.

They looked at each other and one said “Hello, its Dave isn’t it?” “Yes” came the reply “it’s xxxx, isn’t it”. Evidently they worked as bouncers at Verbeer Manor many years ago. When Dave left the other chap said that last time he saw him he has a head of black hair……now there is lots of shiny skin on his head so he did well to recognise him.

Otherwise today was involved with lots of help and assistance to customers. 

Not making any sales just being of service.

The first customer, an older lady brought me a letter about her about her private pension which told her about her increase and showed the new payment. She asked me what the letter was all about and she didn’t even know whether the new figure was per month or per year!

She also had a problem with her TV that she asked how to resolve.

Later in the day one of our customers needed advice on how his mobile phone would work in France.

As he rarely uses his phone he needed help to ensure it would work in France and to check it would work when he got there in case he needed to call his relatives.

Oh, and finally we had police and paramedics going through our house and over our garden wall to check out one of our elderly neighbours who was not answering his door. After a couple of hours and forcing of doors he was found to be in bed having a lie in so a better outcome than it might have appeared originally.

All in days life in the Post office.

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