Friday the 13th……..

It was a quieter day today.

There was a gentle flow of people who had visited the fish van before coming into the Post office.

A waft of fishy smells spread across the shop.

 “What have you got there?” I enquired.

“Atlantic trout” “Sea Bass (Although Frank insists it is called Bass as it all comes from the sea!”,

“Cornish Cod”  “Gurnard”…..there are all sorts of fish available.

The broken metatarsal is improving slowly enough to spend some hours in the shop.

At one point a customer was comparing her broken foot with my other half.

My other half asked “Where did you break yours?”

“On a canal bank in France when chased by a duck” was the reply.

“Sorry, I meant whereabouts in your foot was it broken?”

One customer is concerned that we have not seen any Swallows or House Martins in Bampton yet.

They normally arrive between the 4th and 6th of April, so why are they not here? 


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