Monday 16th April


Double parking – no problem.

Once the inside cars move away you can drive either side of the parked car.

We get some strange phone calls in the Post Office.

Early today someone called to ask whether it is cheaper to post a cricket bat in the Post Office or with a courier?

How do they expect us to know what couriers charge let alone recommend a rival!

As one lady (A) was leaving the shop another similar aged lady (B) came in the door.

“Hello, how are you. Haven’t seen you for ages” said lady A.

Lady B, staring intently at lady A said “Who are you?”

Lady A replied “I’m fine thanks, I live in Witheridge now”

Exit Lady A.

Lady B, “I’ve no idea who that was. It would be rude to ask who she was”,

She did ask “Who are you”!!!!

Bampton was due to be on Spotlight again this evening but more important news about lack of water took priority.

Maybe Bampton will be on tomorrow unless they are reporting about the torrential rain.

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